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You can accomplish ONE thing

Inevitably, regardless of how much ambition (desire) and drive (effort) we possess, a day will come that feels difficult. Perhaps you receive a disturbing telephone call or someone cuts you off while driving. Or, for absolutely no reason at all, you just don't feel like yourself. From an energetic perspective, this is our body's way of letting us know that there is a blockage somewhere. But, as most of you who have experienced this know, when you are not feeling well, it can be extremely difficult to begin an investigation to discover where this blockage (or blockages) exists. When we find ourselves in this state, it is important not to overwhelm ourselves with too many additional "to-do's", such as "I should meditate" or "I should find a distraction". Rather, choose one thing to accomplish. The Buddha stated "Do not let the day pass in vain – accomplish something, great or small." We will have days where we feel like we can conquer the world and days where we may not feel like getting out of bed. While a state of balance is what we strive toward, knowing how to maneuver through the less than ideal moments brings a sense of accomplishment in and of itself.

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