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Tools for Happiness

Have you ever noticed how much easier it is to take care of other people or things than it is to care for ourselves? Somewhere along the way, we've been programmed to think that allowing ourselves the same kindness that we give freely to others is selfish. Our gardens are the perfect analogy for this situation. As a Horticulturist, I would say that at least 90% of the analogies that I use evolve around nature and plants; but for good reason. When we plant a vegetable garden in the summer, do we intend for it to fail? Absolutely not. Our intent is to nurture it so that it provides us with an abundance of delicious foods. It is not simply the final result that is satisfying to us. It is the DAILY act of maintaining the health of our plants that is so satisfying. Noticing each and every new leaf that emerges. Noticing whether or not insects near the plants are beneficial. Noticing how damp or dry the soil has become. Noticing every single detail involving keeping this garden healthy. In applying this analogy to our own self-care, we find so many similarities. First and foremost, we need to pay attention to details. The only way for us to tune in to the subtle energy changes within our bodies throughout the day is to find at least 5 minutes to calm the mind and draw our attention away from what's going on externally in our lives and back to any adjustments that may be needed internally within our bodies. Just like plants, we need sunlight and water to thrive. Practice planting your bare feet into the earth and feeling a beautiful, sunny column of golden light entering your body from the top of your head. Feel that sense of grounding and peace that comes from connecting heaven and earth. Breathe in and know that you are always connected with this beautiful energy. Breathe out with great appreciation for the peaceful feeling that you can access whenever you need it. Think of yourself as an amazing garden, with so many components, all working in harmony. Just as you would pull tools from a shed to care for your garden, pull from your energetic toolbox to care for yourself. A commitment of 5 minutes per day is a great way to acclimate yourself to a new habit. While this may not seem like much time, simply standing in your own power and taking note of where you feel energy and where you feel blockages is a very intense experience. Do you practice grounding yourself each day? What tools do you use from your energetic toolbox when you are in need of maintenance?

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