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Is it really FREE time?

To say that the last 8 months have been busy would be an understatement. Having made the decision to return to college while simultaneously operating a small business did not seem daunting whatsoever. In fact, as a Virgo AND a type 3 as far as the enneagram is concerned, I welcomed the challenge. Nothing makes Virgos and 3's happier than showing off their ambition, competence, drive to succeed, and energetic nature. However, our inability to say no to anyone and set boundaries when it comes to what we can and cannot accomplish is what gets us into trouble. From a strictly energetic point of view, I make sure that my battery stays charged/my pitcher remains full/my satiety is such that when I offer to help someone in need, I do not find myself in a state of lack. This brings me to the concept of "free" time. Who exactly came up with this term? From what I've discovered, it was decided at some point late in the Industrial Revolution that workers needed some leisure time, in the form of a half-day off, to recover/recuperate/rest from the labor-intensive workdays that often went on for 6 or more days in a row. By 1929, the Amalgamated Clothing Workers of America union demanded, and successfully received, a 5 day workweek and this began what we now refer to as our weekends off. But are we really "free" or "off"? Most of us actually welcome being at work because our free time has become the clean the house/do the laundry/pay the bills aspect of our lives where we do not find joy. Again, analyzing this energetically, if we can apply some gratitude to what we do when we are not at work, an amazing lightness sets in. We can appreciate that while we have to spend some of our time doing our not-so-favorite things, we wouldn't have those things to do at all if we were living in a state of lack. A home to clean means that you have a roof over your head. Laundry to finish means that you have clothes on your back. Meals to prepare means that you have food in your refrigerator. So while our time away from work may not be what we would consider "free", it can be a rewarding part of your mindfulness training if you allow it to be. The moment that any frustration sets in, take yourself mentally to a place that feels better for you. Allow a moment of daydreaming and feel the lightness set in. Promise yourself that when (fill in the blank) is accomplished, you will (fill in the blank). Creating a reward system for yourself is a helpful way to keep those low vibrational feelings out of your qi field.

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