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Recent Testimonials

Crystal is committed to putting positive energy into the universe, she is a great healer!

Mike VanHecker

I can't say enough about the classes I have taken with Crystal. It's very welcoming and I feel like I fit right in. I've learned many new qigong techniques and now meditation is a big part of my life. This is one place that makes me the happiest.

Jessie Sansorez

My adventures with SageHaven classes started out with participation in one of Crystal's "Healing in the Round" workshops at Waukegan's Natural Balance Massage Therapy studio. Crystal's classes are presented in a very well thought out manner, thus they are very informative (with hand-outs and recommended reading) and with that, she has opened many doors to me and others. After that first workshop I was hooked and looked forward to taking further workshops and classes Crystal offered at the studio. She is a very caring, giving, and personable teacher. The next class I enrolled in was her weekly qigong class and then another workshop with Reiki Enso. Through Crystal's SageHaven classes I have met some wonderful and amazing like-minded individuals and enjoy learning with them. Currently I participate in the pop-up classes she presents as well as the weekly offerings in qigong, yin yoga, and the Wellness Wednesday class (which is a fusion class). Crystal's guided meditations are outstanding. She is very attuned to her students' needs, listens to us, and provides us with a well rounded, fresh, enjoyable, and fun program. I look forward to her classes, our conversations, and with that, feel I have learned a lot.

Claudia Freeman


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