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Image by Phillip Larking

Who Am I & How Did I Get Here?

I created SageHaven as a means to share my intuitive healing with others who seek balance between body, mind, and spirit. My background in qigong, reiki, and yoga offers my clients a unique experience; certain to create a sense of well-being that remains long after their session ends. 

My interest in holistic practices grew increasingly strong after I injured my neck in a military accident and underwent a 2-level spinal fusion. The combination of pain medications and continuous physical therapy left me searching for alternatives that treated not only the physical body, but the emotional state as well. Sharing my experience with other veterans made me realize how many people are themselves seeking a less conventional, but more effective, path to wellness.  

The goal in my practice is for each client to leave their session feeling balanced, content and peaceful. My greatest joy is using my skills as a healer to educate others along this beautiful path of life. 

Many blessings to you, my friends.

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