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Setting Intentions for Happiness

Spring is such an exquisite analogy between nature and ourselves. As I gaze out of my living room window this morning, I'm reminded of just how much our gardens go through during the move from winter into spring; which in turn brought my focus to our own shifts in energy. Why do we feel so energized and full of hope as we transition from cold and dark to warmer and sunnier? In accordance with the Five Element Theory, a cornerstone of Chinese Medicine, the element for winter is water, which represents contemplation, observation, and reflection and the element for spring is wood, which represents change, growth, and movement. As winter comes to an end and all of the snow melts (speaking from a Wisconsinite's point of view), the plants and trees begin to bud and we are fully aware that water nourishes wood. Comparatively, our emotions undergo a change as well. The positive emotion related to the wood element is happiness, which explains why many of us feel the way that we do this time of year. However, the negative emotion related to the wood element is anger, and if we do not release this anger before the summer months arrive, the negative emotion cycle is perpetuated, rather than the positive emotion cycle. What does happiness feel like for you? What do you need to feel happy? Write it down. Write everything down! There are no right or wrong answers, as what we require to maintain happiness is unique to each of us. Set your intentions and watch them come to fruition. Just as our gardens change throughout the seasons, we change as well. Whether those changes are positive or negative is entirely up to us!

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