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Happy Winter Solstice!

The 21st is a very special day in December because it marks the complete transition from fall to winter energy. Yin (feminine) and yang (masculine) energies are polar opposites, yet come together to create everything in our universe. Twice each year, yin and yang energy fluctuate in such a way that one becomes very strong, while one is weakened. Today is one of those days, so it is important to protect your low yang energy as we embark upon the long winter ahead and the slow journey back to spring, when your yang energy will once again intensify. Adjusting to these changes in energy by altering our winter routine creates a harmonious balance within our body.

If you can, meditate as much as possible today. While it is an extremely busy week for most people, it is important to make time for ourselves. Allowing this time-whether it is 30 minutes, 2 hours, an entire day-is a very important part of maintaining balance.

Both Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine advise avoiding cold drinks during this season to protect weakened yang energy. Opt rather for something that is hot and sweet, which will be grounding as well as nourishing.

Spicy foods will overstimulate sensitive, weak yang energy, so avoid them today, if possible.

Avoid excessive exercise today. You may practice gentle Qigong or Yoga, if you wish.

According to Chinese philosophy regarding longevity, it is important to avoid sexual activity today, when yang energy is so weak. Our bodies need time to build up our yang energy for spring, so we must avoid taxing them at their weakest. It’s one day-we can do this!

If heading outside, protect your body’s vitality by keeping your head and feet warm. Staying warm serves as a guard for low yang energy and your health will be much better in the spring as a result.

Enjoy this very special day to the fullest!

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